Emailing Links to BUFiles

By , July 21, 2008 12:00 pm

If you want to email a link to a file or a folder on BUFiles, there’s an easy way to do this. Go to the Menu Bar and click on Insert — Hyperlink and then browse to the file or folder you want to link to. You shouldn’t have to select any text to insert the link, but if you have any problems inserting the hyperlink, try highlighting some text first.


Links are tricky things and most links in emails cannot have a space in them. Since Windows 95 we’ve been able to use “long file names” which are useful for organizing and labeling, but which can cause difficulties with links. You can usually substitute a “%20” for the space, since that’s the ASCII code for a blank space, but for some reason Outlook doesn’t want to recognize that. That’s why it doesn’t work to copy and paste the URL from My Computer. When you browse to the file or folder and insert the hyperlink directly, though, Outlook takes care of any formatting and syntax and just makes a link to the object.

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