New Printers in Reference

By , July 24, 2008 3:28 pm

The two nasty old printers in the Reference Department that we used to fight and unjam and clean and unjam and fight with more have finally been replaced!

(Insert loud hosanna here!)

The two new printers in Reference are not only new but are industrial-strength and made to handle heavy traffic. They are the same brand as the old ones but are the heavy-duty versions of what we used to have. Since they can handle the duplexing, the default setting for these has been set back to duplex. Instructions on how to print single sided are on the tables in the Reference computer lab.

Nothing else has really changed. They use the same print queue (IL_120_K) and print at least as fast as the old ones. The toner container is larger, which means we don’t have to change it as often. Paper will probably just be kept in the brown cabinet like usual. Since these printers sit on the floor, we’ve removed the table that used to keep a few reams underneath it. Minor operational details may change as we start using the printers more.

When you’re in the area, stop by and see our new arrivals!

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