#5 Sounds of Silence: Violence in the Physical and the Archives


My name is Grant Harris and I am a senior at Butler University. I have been studying history for the last four years. In the past I have done research and written papers on gender dynamics in different time periods and situations. Previously I have examined gender dynamics in rural Missouri during the Civil War as well as the Black Panther Party. For this class I have moved to now look at late 1800s and early 1900s Indiana and the gender structures that exist.

Description of Podcast

This episode examines two crimes that we came across throughout the class. We look at Cyrus Brown’s murder of his wife Amanda Brown and the murder E.E Gray committed against a woman he was having an affair with, Lizzie Skinner. The purpose for looking at these two cases is to further an understanding of the gender dynamics that existed in late 1800s and early 1900s Indiana.

What was found through the research and studying of these cases along with other examples was an overwhelming lack of representation of women in the records and this in some ways silenced them from history. The archives act as a complicated and extremely powerful space that can at times have aspects of violence to it. In this episode I argue that women in this time and place were silenced by the physical violence they experienced but also silenced in the records.

Further, when looking at the way the crimes were written about, either in the newspapers or from the perspective of the man who committed the crime it lends itself to a deeper understanding of the gender dynamics. In the podcast I explore those themes and relate them to present day issues.

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