#3 Taking a Shot for American Sporting Thirst


Marissa and Sophia are both students at Butler University. Marissa is studying Sociology with specialization in Social Work and Social Policy. Sophia is studying Anthropology and Religion. In the history class they took part in this past semester there was a focus on the prison industrial complex system and the injustice that came as a result of it. As a project for this class, all the students had to research Hoosier prisoners from the late 19th and early 20th century and what came of their lives due to the prison system.

Description of Podcast

In this episode of ““Forgotten: Life Histories of Indian Prisoners” there is a detailed analysis of three main issues; gun violence, alcoholism, and sporting man culture. By examining these key issues, we can have a better understanding of what goes on behind the act of committing a crime, in today’s time and back 150 years ago when the prisoners that were researched for this class committed their crimes.

The issue of gun violence has been subjected to criticism since the birth of the US nation. Ever since the concept of “the right to bear arms” became a constitutional law there has been a debate over who is permitted to and not to mention the controversy over when is the appropriate time to actually use the gun. When it comes to the topics of alcohol and alcoholism there needs to be a review of the alcohol laws that the state of Indiana has put in place over the course of history along with national laws pertaining to alcohol. The last topic that will be talked about in this episode is the subject of sporting man culture. As it will be described in the podcast, sporting man culture revolves around men living hedonistic lifestyles in the 19th century.

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