#4 Drunken Madness


My name is Henry and I am currently a junior at Butler University where I am studying Middle/Secondary Education as well as Special Education.  In this articular class we studied effects of the prison industrial system that has developed here in the United States over the past centuries.  We chose to focus on the Hoosier stories that may have went untold.

Description of Podcast:

In this episode of “Forgotten: Life Stories of Indiana Prisoners,” I focus on the relationship that the people of Indiana had with alcohol in the late 19th century in comparison to today’s drinking scene.  I chose to focus on tow particular stories that I found to exemplify what was taking place during this time.  Two men, Frank Siple and Edward Taylor found themselves in prison for murders they both claim not to have committed.

I have chosen to examine their situation and even consider what it may have looked like if alcohol were absent.  I think you’ll find that things may have went down very differently had there been no alcohol involved.  It also addresses the regularity and impact alcohol usage had on folks in Indiana in the late 19th century.


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