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Internships in Israel

Interested in Interning in Israel? Here’s a list of 30 different places where you can:

Summer 2012 Hasbara Fellowships Program

Registration is now open for the Summer 2012 Hasbara Fellowships activism training programs in Israel. There are 3 sets of dates: May 20-June 8, June 17-July 4, and August 5-22. All programs are open to all North American university students, and the first program includes a special New England track. Apply Now!

The intensive Hasbara Fellowships training program in Israel includes in-depth education, sophisticated advocacy training, and personal experiences that motivate student leaders to become pro-Israel activists. Last season featured many notable highlights, including a lecture by Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon, intimate meetings with members of Knesset from across the spectrum, such as MK Einat Wilf and MK Aryeh Eldad, and exclusive briefings at the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

Throughout the program, participants tour Israel’s northern borders¬†with Syria, Lebanon and Jordan, as well as visiting Sderot and Israel’s border with the Gaza Strip.¬† Participants also tour Gush Etzion and Jerusalem to gain a comprehensive understanding of Israel’s considerations regarding land and borders. In Tel Aviv, students are briefed on Israeli developments in hi-tech, and visit the Save A Child’s Heart NGO.

Professional consultants coached students to effectively communicate for Israel in public forums, how to run successful campus programming upon returning to their campuses, and methods for combating anti-Israel activity.

This program is exclusively for student activists who have demonstrated leadership, responsibility and commitment to Israel advocacy on campus.

Student leaders interested in our Summer 2012 training programs in Israel can visit our website for more information and to apply!

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