End of the Semester/Finals

The end of the semester here at Butler University was welcomed with the chilly presence of the first snow.  As students find themselves bundled up in mittens and scarves-they are forced to forge on through the extreme temperatures to defeat the opponent that we call “finals,” just as the Butler men’s basketball team geared up to defeat Xavier in their much awaited rematch.  The game was a heartbreaker, with our boys losing by a mere two points within the last 4.2 seconds.  Although the outcome of our “rematch” against finals still remains undetermined, I know that the results will be quite the opposite.  It will be a success-No, scratch that . . . it will be total domination with a crushing score of Student-4 to Finals-0!  Good luck everyone with your finals, and have an absolutely wonderful break!
By Lauren Pijut
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