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Butler University Cheerleading Team Preparing for Future

The 2019-2020 Butler Cheer Team performing at a men's basketball game at Hinkle Fieldhouse.

Head Coach Brenda Jamerson is responsible for preparing her 36 student-athletes to cheer at over 50 sporting events during course of the school year, including women’s basketball, men’s basketball, football, and volleyball. The Bulldogs cheered at 54 events total this year, along with the team of five mascots always in attendance.

“We grew as a team in skill sets, game presentation and in our community and PR events this year,” said Jamerson. Our mascot program also grew in numbers, and the numbers of events we were requested to send Hink.”

The Butler Cheerleading squad became an official member of Butler Athletics for the 2019-2020 season and was getting ready to cheer at their biggest event right before the COVID-19 outbreak, the BIG EAST Men’s Basketball Tournament, followed by the NCAA Tournament. But, this program doesn’t plan on skipping a beat.

“Short term – primarily during this time I want our team to stay healthy, positive, focus on finishing this semester with strong grades, and continue to take care of themselves mentally, emotionally, and physically,” said Jamerson. Long term – I am extremely excited about our returners and the new talent coming to cheer at Butler next year. I know once the team is named, we will immediately start planning how we can best support all of our athletic teams next year and how to bring even more excitement to the fan experience.”

The returning group is staying connected through Zoom and works directly with Butler Athletics Strength and Conditioning Coach Will Burch during social distancing. The workouts will enhance the results of strength and stamina during stunting, pyramids, and game cheering. And at the same time, the official second-year program is getting ready for virtual tryouts for next season.

The initial tryout for the 2020-2021 season was scheduled for Sunday, April 19th in-person, which was then shifted to via video, with two practices initially supposed to be held on Sunday, March 29th and Sunday, April 5th to review material for tryouts. The revamped plan includes prospective cheerleading paperwork and tryout videos for current members which were due on April 10th, with the new members’ materials due on April 19th. A few requirements for the current members and candidates include knowing the Butler War Song sidelines routine and a variety of tucks. The tryouts are being reviewed at this point in time, and everyone is simply learning as they go. Even though the schedule hasn’t gone as planned, Jamerson is happy with how the Butler Athletic Department has handled the situation with the virtual process and moving forward into next year.

“I think our athletes and students at Butler are blessed by the compassion and care they are receiving from the leadership,” said Jamerson. President Danko and Athletic Director Barry Collier have supported our athletes through announcements, and resources for coaches to use and honest dialog. I think it has taken some fear away…kind of like being in a holding pattern in the air, but eventually knowing you will land!”