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From Campus to the Gridiron 

As the NFL ends the curtain rises on the 2024 NFL Combine, all eyes are fixed on a select group of elite prospects in position to leave an indelible mark on the football landscape. With seniors playing their last collegiate game and 1 and done prospects taking the next step, the NFL has big hope for this rookie class. With there being superstar talent coming out of college let’s highlight some key players that are expected to make a true impact for their new teams. Some key guys to look out for included USC’s dynamic QB, Caleb Williams, Ohio State star wideout, Marvin Harrison Jr, and last but not least Washington’s slept-on star on the outside Rome Odunze.   

 Caleb Williams, Quarterback for USC 

Let’s jump right in at the top of the charts where Caleb Williams seems to have the number one pick. With the Bears having the number 1 pick they hope to capitalize on the chance to get a Quarterback. As we know the Bears have passed up on first-round number 1 pick QBs and it has cost them Throughout Caleb’s time at Oklahoma and USC, he’s shown the ability to make plays and lead his team to victory. The Dynamic quarterback has put his skills on display at the highest level. With Williams being a dual-threat quarterback with a strong arm and exceptional athleticism the Bears hope to capitalize on the number 1 pick. Even though Caleb did not contribute in the combine his draft stays strong. During Caleb’s 2023 season, he finished with 3,633 yards, 30 Touchdowns, and 5 interceptions, ranking 11th in QB ranking proving that he is capable of competing. Caleb is nothing short of a star quarterback that will only climb as time goes on.   

 Marvin Harrison Jr, Wide Receiver for Ohio State 

 Moving over to the perimeter the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, Marvin Harrison Jr. is the guy to watch. With Marvin’s father being a Hall of Famer, Marvin Harrison, things seem to come easy for him as he’s headed for the draft. The 6’4 205-pound wideout tallied up 67 receptions, and 14 touchdowns, averaging 18.1 yards on the season. Having 1,200 plus yards for the second season in a row. Harrison has the ideal size and speed teams are looking for on the perimeter. Harrison Jr. is a dynamic playmaker with the potential to be a game-changer at the next level. With his ability to run smooth and explosive routes, he sets himself up for success. Whether he’s stretching the field with his speed or making tough catches in traffic he is no doubt a guy to have your eye on during the draft as he may be the first receiver off the board.   

 Rome Odunze, Wide Receiver for Washington  

Staying in the receiver room, wide receiver Rome Odunze has the ability to be a reliable asset for the team’s air game. Throughout his time at Washington, Odunze has showcased his speed, agility, and playmaking ability, earning praise from coaches, teammates, and scouts alike. During the 2023 season, Odunze hauled in 92 receptions and 13 touchdowns, averaging 17.8 yards while having 1,640 total yards in the season. Helping lead his team to a 14-0 season and attempt at a national championship Odunze is nothing short of a playmaker. At 6’3″ and with a solid build, Odunze has the physical tools to excel at the next level. He’s shown a knack for making tough catches in traffic and has the speed to stretch the field and create big plays for the offense. Odunze’s combination of size, speed, and skill make him an intriguing prospect for NFL teams in need of playmakers on offense. Some teams that could be on the lookout for Odunze include the Jets, Bears, or Colts. Odunze may not be the first receiver taken off the board, but he will indeed be an impactful player for his team