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Spring Ball for the Dawgs


Spring Ball for the Dawgs 

Spring marks a pivotal time for Butler Football as the team regroups, refines strategies, and cultivates camaraderie in preparation for the upcoming season. After coming off another positive record season the dogs fell short of making the Pioneer League champions and the FCS playoffs. With the Dawg’s season coming to an end at 7-4 they look to get the ground running this spring with the addition of transfers and developing the current roster. With the Dawgs losing some key playmakers in Brett Bushcah and Jyran Mitchell, they will be back this coming fall in hopes of claiming the conference championship and earning their place in the FCS playoffs. 

Getting a chance to speak with Senior cornerback Kellen Madison gives fans reassurance the Dawgs will be back better. 

“Fans can expect we are hungry and ready to come back better next year. We got a lot of moving parts this spring and we hope it’ll be enough to bring home the PFL Championship and make it to postseason.”

The Dawgs have been on the rise as their last two seasons have been on an upward climb. With the experience and knowledge of the senior core this year they hope it will be enough to keep the morale of the team up in tough times.

“As a senior, I feel as though my job is to be that leader that players look up to and find encouragement from. Late in the season, we find ourselves tired and second-guessing a lot, so that’s something as a senior I am looking to help with this spring and keep strong for the upcoming season. 

As the spring progresses, anticipation builds among players and fans alike, as the Dawgs eagerly await the chance to showcase their hard work and determination. Butler Football will host their open spring game on Saturday, April 27th as they showcase their hard work in preparation. With an extended 12-game season the Dawgs look forward to putting their hard work in effect starting Saturday, August 31st against Upper Iowa.