Horizons: Last Day on Campus

Yesterday was the last day for Horizons on Butler’s campus, and we cannot thank Butler enough for allowing us the opportunity to learn from and explore all that the university had to offer this summer.  Our middle school students have loved their time on campus, and so many of them are seeing themselves as college bound thanks to our ability to give them this experience.

Check out some of the thoughts from students about their experience this summer at Butler!


20160720_121247 Kameron: “My favorite part was having the opportunity to have recess.  We started playing in the grass, and the Butler campus gave us the opportunity to go everywhere, have a classroom to stay in, and I just thought it was cool that they didn’t mind us doing the things that we did.  I would want to come back because the food selection was nice to have for lunch, we’re on a college campus and there are different rules we have to follow but it was nice to have the opportunity.”

20160720_121216 Amiyah: “I loved being with new people and experiencing what college students do and just having fun.  The best part was being here with friends.”

20160720_121150 A’dryanna:  “I liked choosing the food items that we get to have, like we had more freedom to eat what we wanted to.  And also I liked going and seeing the different stuff that they have at Butler on their campus.

20160720_121132 Rashad: “My favorite part about being at Butler was getting to tour the campus and learn about how Butler was made and its history and college history, and how good their college is, how good in sports they are.”

20160720_121039 Annesa:  “I liked getting to talk to the college students, and I liked getting to go to a new place.  Because we got to experience something that not a lot of kids get to experience.  I want to come back because I had a really good time, getting to hang out there with a lot of kids and hang out with some of the college students as well.”

20160720_120820 Davion:  “The cafeteria, it got healthy food that we can eat.  Being in the classrooms, because we got to experience how college would look like, so you can see college students.”

20160720_120747  Quintez:   “The lunch!  Seeing other college students, because it made me imagine that I can be in their place when I get going.  Seeing the big classrooms, and how big it is!  I want to go there for college.”

20160720_120655 Dayonna:  “We kinda got to experience the college experience, eating in the college cafeteria, walking through the bookstore, exploring the campus, and playing on the basketball court.  We learned a lot, and we just got to experience different things that we probably wouldn’t have got to experience.”

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