AACTE’s Day on the Hill | Teacher Advocacy

Shawn Sriver, Dr. Sharon Robinson, and Dr. Ena Shelley at the AACTE Day on the Hill 2016.

Each year, Dr. Ena Shelley travels to Washington, D.C. for AACTE’s Day on the Hill where she visits our state’s Senators and House Representatives to discuss education, education policy and the impact that those policies have on education in our state.




Dr. Sharon Robinson preparing 120 AACTE attendees for Day on the Hill.

This year, Dr. Shelley, Shawn Sriver, and Ben Hunter, Butler University’s Chief of Staff, Met with Indiana Senator Joe Donnelly and House Representatives Susan Brooks, Luke Messer, Larry Buschon, and Todd Young.  They also attended workshops guiding them on providing journalistic access to education reporters. Providing access to classrooms opens up opportunities for these stories to be told. AACTE workshops also provided guidance on how to talk to the press and the best practices of interacting with senators and representatives.  They had successful meetings and we thank Dr. Shelley for her continued work to improving education policy!