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Senior Joey Lindstrom grapples with the impact of COVID-19 on the pursuit of his dream job

Lindstrom in a game against Jacksonville last year

Senior Joey Lindstrom may have to put his dream job on the backburner for now.

Before coronavirus put an early end to Butler spring sports, Lindstrom was looking forward to joining Sports Media Club and calling baseball, softball, and women’s lacrosse games livestreamed on the Butler Athletics YouTube channel.

It would be a step in the right direction in getting the experience he desperately needs to eventually call games professionally.

Since high school, Lindstrom has been aware of his potential.

“I was always told by the lunch ladies,” he said. “’Oh my gosh, here comes Mr. Voice’ because my voice was deeper and I like to think I’m pretty articulate.”

Once Lindstrom arrived at Butler, though, he would settle on Marketing as his major with a Digital Media Production minor. He mentioned that he is particularly fascinated with how consumers make decisions, and that is what inspired him to study marketing. However, he never considered giving up on his dream.

“My big plan has always been to work and be financially stable first,” Lindstrom stated. “I know that it’s going to be a marathon, not a sprint. But if you love something, then why not do it?”

He imagines working full-time in the marketing field after graduation, but also calling games on the weekends. Preferably, he would like to come back to Butler in the fall to call games for the team that he spent four years playing for, that being the football team.

Lindstrom had hoped that his newly acquired Sports Media concentration and participation in Sports Media Club would be the perfect recipe for a future in broadcasting. Unfortunately, that plan has been shaken up considerably amidst the events of the past few weeks.

“It definitely takes away from what I was hopeful for, like maybe getting into a bigger digital network, like the Big East,” Lindstrom said. “Obviously, now I don’t have a lot of tape to show.”

This hasn’t dampened Lindstrom’s constant optimism, though. He looks forward to the return of sports and is ready to step up when opportunities arise. In the meantime, he’ll be preparing.

“What can I be doing?” he said. “Well I can be practicing in front of a TV, picking a random game… and trying to get better.”