Darby’s Decisions: Episode 1 Recap


    Written By Darby Craig

    In the latest installment of “Darby’s Decisions,” aired on February 1st, Darby Craig took the Butler 360 community on an exciting journey into the realm of sports betting. With a blend of analysis and intuition, Darby offered up a trio of picks to potentially turn the tides of fortune for eager viewers.


    Bet 1: Pacers vs. Knicks, Feb 1

    For his main bet of the day, Darby crafted a three-legged parlay centered around the Pacers versus Knicks game. The first leg featured Pascal Siakam surpassing the 20.5 points mark. Siakam, a recent addition to the Pacers, who had been averaging an impressive 21.6 points over seven games, showcasing his scoring prowess. Darby anticipated Siakam seizing the opportunity against his former teammate and shining on the Madison Square Garden stage.

    Continuing on the Siakam train, Darby’s second parlay leg bet on Siakam making at least one three-pointer. Given Siakam’s recent sharpshooting form, hitting an outstanding 42.9% from beyond the arc over his last seven games, Darby felt confident in this selection, linking it closely to Siakam’s points production. Rounding off the parlay, Darby placed his faith in Josh Hart to sink at least one three-pointer. With Hart’s reputation as a reliable shooter, Darby deemed this leg a “lock”. The parlay’s odds stood at an enticing +224, translating to a potential $32.40 payout from a $10 bet. However, savvy bettors utilizing DraftKings could leverage a 50% boost, potentially earning $43.60 from the same investment.


    Bet 2: Super Bowl— Chiefs vs. 49ers, Feb 11

    Turning his attention to the impending Super Bowl, Darby shared his foresight on the matchup. Prefacing his pick with the absence of player odds at the time of recording, Darby opted for a straightforward selection: the 49ers to cover the -2 spread. Drawing on his analysis of the Chiefs’ vulnerabilities, Darby predicted a comprehensive victory for the 49ers, anticipating them to outclass their opponents in both coaching and talent. While the potential payout for a $15 bet at the time of recording was $28.6, Darby opted to await DraftKings’ boosts for potentially enhanced returns. As Darby signed off, he expressed his hopes for his picks to bring success to the viewers, promising a thrilling journey ahead in the realm of sports betting.



    Having written this article after both games concluded, sadly, both of these bets were unsuccessful. Josh Hart failed to hit a three, and due to poor game-managing by the 49ers, the Chiefs came out victorious in overtime.  This means Darby and those who trailed are down $25. Tune in next week as he is determined to redeem himself.