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Summer Semester Break

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By , June 22, 2012 3:51 pm

Both the Irwin and Science Libraries will be closed Saturday June 23 and Sunday June 24 due to the break between Summer One and Summer Two sessions.  Visit the library website for a full listing of library hours, including upcoming breaks.

Finals Week Hours, May 2 – 8

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By , May 1, 2012 10:10 am

Butler University Libraries will be open extended hours for Finals Week, May 2-8th.

Finals Week Irwin Science
May 2 – 3 (Wed. – Thur.) 7 a.m. – 2 a.m. 8 a.m. – 1 a.m.
May 4 (Friday) 7:30 a.m. – 9 p.m. 8 a.m. – 9 p.m.
May 5 (Saturday) 10 a.m. – 9 p.m. 10 a.m. – 9 p.m.
May 6 (Sunday) 10 a.m. – 2 a.m. 10 a.m. – Midnight
May 7 (Monday) 7:30 a.m. – 1 a.m. 8 a.m. – Midnight
May 8 (Tuesday) 7:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

 Visit the library website for more information on Semester Break and Summer hours.

What Has Your Professor Done?

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By , February 16, 2012 10:38 am

Have you ever wondered what your professor does when s/he is not teaching you or grading papers?

The Celebration of Scholarship & Creative Activity is an exhibit in Irwin Library that runs through February 28. There are tables around the main floor of Irwin Library where you can see (and read) books, articles, music scores, posters, programs, etc., that your professors have written/published/performed in the last year.

Stop into Irwin Library and look up your professor! The printed bibliographies can serve as an Exhibit Guide to make it easy for you to find people.

Need Tax Forms?

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By , February 8, 2012 1:16 pm

The library no longer keeps paper copies of tax forms. Instead, you will find everything you need online. You can download and print out any forms you need.

For federal tax forms:

For Indiana tax forms:

Irwin Library Closed Tuesday Evening, Feb. 7, 2012

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By , February 3, 2012 3:40 pm

Irwin Library will be closed from 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm on Tuesday, February 7, 2012, for the Celebration of Scholarship & Creative Activity reception. The library will be open again from 8:00 pm to 1:00 am.

The Science Library will be open the entire time on its usual schedule.

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