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IndyPL and Butler Libraries partner successfully in Library Card Drive

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By , April 22, 2013 1:47 pm

During the first-ever IndyPL Library Card Drive on Butler’s campus, 50 Butler patrons were able to apply for and get, or renew, a card for the Indianapolis Public Library. Thank you to those who braved the weather and stopped by to help us celebrate National Library Week in this partnership with our local public library, and congratulations on your new library cards!

For those who were unable to stop by during the event, you may still get a library card for IndyPL, which will give you access to the more than 2 million titles in their collection, including ebooks and song downloads. Simply stop by an IndyPL branch with your student ID and a piece of mail verifying your campus address to get a card, and start taking advantage of the materials and resources available through your Indianapolis community!

IndyPL Library Card Drive

By , April 15, 2013 8:14 am

The Butler University Libraries are partnering with the IndyPL College Avenue branch library to host a library card drive on Butler’s campus. Students living on campus or in Marion County qualify for a library card through the Indianapolis Public Library.

Students can stop by with their Butler University ID during the following times to get a card:

Irwin Library Science Library
Tuesday, April 16 Thursday, April 18
10:30 a.m. – 7:30 p.m. 1 p.m. – 4 p.m.

IndyPL has a collection of thousands of titles, including popular books, music, and movies, as well as e-books for Kindle, iPad, and Nook, and digital music downloads through Freegal. Get your IndyPL card, and get access!

Holds and Recalls

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By , October 9, 2007 12:01 pm

Renewals, Holds, and Recalls

Renewals, holds, and recalls may be made at the Circulation Desks, by telephone or e-mail:

Patrons can also place a hold or make a renewal via My Library Card.

Recall Policy

patrons ask that an item be recalled, the requested materials will be
recalled by the Libraries within three to seven days, depending on the
circulation status of the materials
.  Recalled items require an additonal judgement call by staff; therefore, please contact a Circualation Associate or Brad with any recall requests.

How Holds Work

Once the item is returned ALEPH generates a print-out and also displays a message at the check-in screen. The item has a hold slip attached to it and it is  placed on the hold shelf for the patron to pick up. The patron is e-mailed when their item is placed on the hold shelf.

How Recalls Work

Once an item is recalled it’s placed on the hold shelf with the appropriate documentation and the patron who requested the item is notified via e-mail.

See also the patron links here:


Public Services Meeting Minutes

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By , October 3, 2007 9:35 am

Public Services Meeting
October 2, 2007

Using Meebo to handle Instant Messaging at the Reference Desk

  • Please be aware that students, faculty, and staff can go to the Ask a Librarian  page to instantly chat with the Reference Desk – end users do not need a specific IM account.  
  • There is a learning curve with using Meebo on the Reference Desk staff side.  Here are some tips:

Pay attention to the tab that you are in; if you want to click on the “quick tabs” such as BU mail, for example, you need to be in a tab other then the Meebo tab.

To avoid opening up multiple Meebo pages, do not click on the traditional “home” picture button to go to the Library’s homepage.  Scott has created a ‘home’ quick tab that will always take you to the Library’s homepage (not open another Meebo page).

Work with Scott if you need assistance with using this or are experiencing problems; Scott is also trying to tweak things to make this work more seamlessly.


As a point of clarification, while all are welcome to experiment with creating LibGuide pages, our vision in using this tool, at first, is to move over the Subject Guides.  While a unit or service area may want to eventually create a LibGuide (ex. ILL), our first foray into this is with the Subject Guides.  

There is now a Reference Calendar under Public Folders in Outlook.  If you are subbing for someone, please indicate it there.  This calendar also provides the opportunity to utilize Group Schedules better.


Donor luncheon is Oct. 15
Sally N. is attending INCOLSA circ. Training Oct. 3
Fall break is coming up; we discussed reduced hours; questioned whether Emily needs to work Wednesday evening (Sally N. will talk to Lewis about)
Sally N. noted that as we start with these PS meetings, she is cognizant that some topics lend themselves more to circ. or reference; she will try to be aware of this and place the topics in the appropriate meetings (reference meetings, PS meetings, etc.); however, there will be times when this demarcation is difficult.

Library Rooms (119, 007, GBR)

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By , April 5, 2006 2:41 pm

Library Room Procedures


– 119

Purposes and Scheduling

1) Library Functions.  Irwin
staff and librarians will schedule the room through the Library Outlook

2) Student Groups.  First come,
first serve after 6:00 p.m. (Sunday through Thursday); Saturday as needed.

3) Prior to 6 p.m. students need to
ask at the Circulation Desk if they want the room open for study. Please be
aware that daytime availability is contingent upon what events are scheduled
(i.e., meetings, lectures, instruction, etc.)


Opening Procedures:  Will remain locked. 
Librarians will have a key to access the room.

Librarians need to inform Marcy that
they need to reserve laptops for a given date. Feel free to CC Brad to the
e-mail reservation. A remote for the projector is kept at Circulation. Please
check it out when you have instruction in the room.

NOTE: When librarians are done with
instruction please lock the door and return the remote to a Circulation
Assistant (not a student worker).

Circulation unlocks for student

Closing Room needs to be locked.

Weekends: Saturday as needed. 

Finals Week Kept Unlocked during the entire
week of finals. 

Questions? Contact Brad.


Librarians needing laptops for 119 need to send Marcy Wilhelm
an e-mail with dates and times. Marcy adds to her schedule and then makes sure
the “Laptop Reserved” sign is up on the storage cart. Marcy should also e-mail
the day staff the night before to forewarn them.

– Room 7

and Scheduling

1) For
regularly scheduled classes that are scheduled through Registration &
Records.  Contact Registration &
Records at the beginning of each semester for a schedule. Then post on the Library Calendar. Then a room schedule needs to be
posted near the door.  Registration &
Records has first priority when scheduling.

2) Student
Usage: Overflow study room.  Students
need to ask to have the room unlocked. Keep room open during week of finals.

3) Library Functions. Librarians and staff will schedule the room through Brad. 


Opening Procedures: If scheduled for class open room. A
television cart and computer cart is in the room at all times.

Closing Procedures: Room to remain locked until it is
requested by a student group. If it is requested secure the cart and television
in rm. 006 before opening.

staff to open; evening staff to secure room.

 *Note: When
scheduling room for classes we need to e-mail the faculty and inform them to
contact the circulation desk if they need help with the equipment.

Great Books Room

and Scheduling

1) For
regularly scheduled classes that are scheduled by the Registration &
Records.  Contact Registration &
Records at the beginning of each semester for a schedule. Then post on the Library Calendar. Then a room schedule needs to be
posted near the door. 

 2) Student
Groups.  Overflow study room during
finals.  Students need to ask to have the
room unlocked. However, during finals if you get a high number of students
asking for a study space, just open it at your discretion.

3) Library Functions. Library
staff will schedule the room through the Library


for regularly scheduled classes.   During
the other times, the room should be locked.  During finals open if
requested by a student group. 


– Judge Rich Room

and Scheduling

library functions will happen in this room. 
Library Staff can unlock room
with key that is available in the Circulation
Area.  Staff can schedule via Library Calendar.

– Listening/Viewing Room

Opening Procedures:  Leave open.

Procedures:  Leave open.

– Group Listening/Viewing Room

This room
will be kept locked.  Patrons will ask
for a key at the Circulation Desk.

Procedures:  Make sure room is locked

Other Notes

Reservations for Room 119, Room 7, or Great Books Room:

  • Butler affiliated: Contact the Access Services Librarian.
  • Non-Butler affiliated group:
    Refer to Conferences & Special Events who can schedule the room.

– Study Rooms General

Only for
groups (i.e., 2 or more people). During busy times be cognizant of the two or
more rule and enforce. During slow times 1 occupant is fine; however, be
prepared to ask someone to leave if we get a group that requests the room.

– Group Study Room Policy: Irwin Library

Room IL 226 is available by
reservation only. To schedule the room you must be a current student of Butler
University and intend to use the room for group work. Please contact Brad
Matthies (317-940-9549 or
to reserve the room.

We have several areas that
are available for group work on the first floor of the Irwin Library. In addition, the following study rooms are
available for groups on a first-come first-served basis: IL 007, IL 026, IL
028, and IL 230. IL GBR only if no other group rooms are open.

– Student Disability Room: Rm. 206

 In order to
check out SDS key to get into Room 206, the students need to show SDS card at
Circulation. Equipment owned by SDS.

– Faculty Offices/Carrels

will need to contact the Dean of Libraries or the Access Services Librarian for
the reservation of a faculty carrel or office. 
Mary Richardson will schedule the Carrel/Office. 

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