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Library Website Error

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By , August 28, 2006 11:25 am

Many of you have been seeing the error that pops up on the library website’s main page. That error is because of the code that makes the Ask A Librarian images change. The web designer who has been working on our site will not be able to get to fixing that error for at least another week because of the demands of his other projects. Therefore he has removed the cycling feature for now.

That means that for now we will be forced to look at pictures of Sheri on EVERY page on the website. But at least that error is gone.

In another couple of weeks we’ll hopefully have the code fixed and get changing librarian pictures without the error message.

Thanks for your patience.

New Online Database Available from ScienceDirect

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By , May 4, 2006 10:08 am

Butler Libraries have recently subscribed to a new online database.
This one is a collection of over 950 full-text, peer-reviewed journals!

The ScienceDirect College Edition Health and Life Sciences Journal Collection is the world’s largest electronic collection of full text and
bibliographic information about science, technology, and medicine.

Clicking the link in our list of Indexes and Databases
will take you to a list of all the journals that are available in this
collection. To browse them, just click the title you’re interested in.
Otherwise, you can do a QuickSearch by typing your search term(s) in
the box at the top. If you want to do a more “advanced” search, click
the green Search button at the top of the screen.

Reference Usage Study

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By , April 27, 2006 12:18 pm

The Reference Department will be suspending our usage study for the summer since the results will not be very meaningful. As of May 1, putting used Reference books on the cart before shelving will not be necessary. We will probably be starting it up again as of September 1.

Logging Reference TRANSACTIONS will still continue throughout the summer, even though the desk will not be staffed. If you pick up a call to the Reference Desk or if you answer a reference-type question in your office or around the library (including at the Circulation Desk), please log it at \\ben\library\Reference\Reference Tracking.xls or send me an IM or email and I’ll log it for you.

Thanks very much.

Bikes in the Library

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By , April 7, 2006 2:51 pm

FYI but bicycles are not allowed in the library. There are bike racks on the west side of Irwin. If the patron does not have a lock it would behoove them to get one.



Equipment in Room 007

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By , March 28, 2006 12:27 pm


  1. Room 007 is now kept unlocked for classroom or group study use, because
  2. that room is not closely monitored, and because
  3. the computer in that room has been upgraded, complete with flat-panel monitor,

it has been deemed careless and unwise to leave the computer and other equipment just sitting there unattended.

Therefore, the computer and the accompanying monitor, projector, and other equipment have been placed on a cart and are being stored in the Government Documents Storage Room across the hall, Room 006. The overhead projector is on a second cart and is being left in Room 007, along with the boom box that one of the regular teachers has made arrangements to keep there.

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