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MLB Rule Changes


By Cory Bosecker

With the beginning of the MLB season already started, we have seen the affects of the recent rule changes this year. The first big rule change is the pitch clock. Pitchers now have 15 seconds to throw a pitch to the plate or else it is an automatic ball. When there are runners on base the pitchers will have 20 seconds to throw a pitch, or it is an automatic ball. The pitchers also can now only pick off two times in a row without consequences. If a pitcher would pick off a third time, they would have to pick the runner off. If unsuccessful the runner automatically gets to advance to the next base. Another big rule change is that the hitters have 10 seconds to get ready for the pitch. If they are not ready in 10 seconds, an automatic strike will be called on them. Lastly the biggest change is the banning of the shift. Only two fielders can be on each side of second base. This was done to help increase hits and make the game interesting. Some teams have already found a loophole and placed an outfielder where the extra infielder would’ve played last year. All infielders must stay on the dirt as well. If not, the other team can replay the event or keep it as stands if the batter gets on base. Also, a lot of these rule changes were made to help speed up the game. MLB wants to attract new audiences by making the game faster passed and more action. With these rule changes, they already cut down 20 minutes on an average MLB game. Lots of die-hard fans do not like the rules, but we will see after the season if the changes did bring in more audiences.