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By , November 1, 2007 4:02 pm

I was helping a faculty member access and print a NetLibrary title the other day and wanted to share these tips:

  • There is a one user limit in viewing titles in NetLibrary.  While you no longer have to create an account to access the title, only one person at a time can view the title.
  • You can only print one page at a time for any title, this is the case for both PDF and non-PDF titles.  Also, NetLibrary discourages excessive printing, more in the range of a few pages to a chapter – not the whole book.
  • Older titles in NetLibrary are often not in PDF format, and when they are accessed from the catalog (as opposed to the NetLibrary site directly), the titles open up without the accompanying web browser options for printing.  Dan has a ticket in with PALNI to see if this can be resolved.  It is not an issue for NetLibrary titles in PDF format.  For the time being, the way around this is to cut and paste the URL from the catalog into an open web browser or access the title directly from the NetLibrary site.
  • Finally, when printing off an older NetLibrary title (not in PDF format), to remove the table of contents frame, place your cursor on the green vertical line between the table of contents and the book page. Drag (with your cursor) the content page over the table of contents.  This way, when you print each screen, you will not print the table of contents frame.

Many of you may be familiar with these aspects of the product, but I thought that I would share.


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