Public Computers all on XP

By , May 30, 2008 1:14 pm

As of this afternoon, all of the publicly accessible computers in Irwin Library (upstairs, downstairs, Room 119, and all around the first floor) are running Windows XP and have the updated standard Library Lab image on them. I’m still checking on the Science Library.

This means all the computers have the same functionality, all are set up to print to IL_120_X, all can unzip files right from My Computer, all can burn CDs easily, and all have Write-N-Cite, Adobe Photoshop, Firefox, and all the other programs that the other lab computers have.

Even the computer with the scanner has been updated to Windows XP and the scanner reinstalled. Because of the new operating system, the process of scanning is slightly different from before. I have printed out new instructions and taped them to the scanner lid. The process is actually much more straightforward now and harder to mess up. 🙂 Choices III is NOT on this computer at the moment, but I’m told we’re renewing our license and should be getting a new version of the program (and new data) sometime this summer.

The Reference Desk computer is also running Windows XP, so people working there can more easily support the public computers.

Please let me know if you find (or hear about) any public computer that is not working right.

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