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By , September 4, 2008 10:45 am

Here are some updated tips for LibGuides, based on how the system is working now and what options we have.

First, many people have difficulties getting lines of text to space properly. Here’s a quick tip for working with them. Use <ENTER> to start a new paragraph and use <SHIFT-ENTER> to start a new line but still keep it part of the same “paragraph.” Paragraphs have a little space between them by default, so if you want lines to start new but not have that space, use the Shift-Enter.

If you link to a database and need to use the Proxy Server, please DO use the check box for “Add proxy URL to the front of this link.” Do NOT just manually enter the proxy info at the beginning of your link. This will allow us to maintain consistency and if anything ever changes with regard to our proxy address, we can easily change everything at one time.

For more interaction with students (and faculty), try a “User Link Submission” content box. People using the Guide can then submit their own links on the topic.

“Books from the Catalog” content boxes allow you to display recommended books complete with pictures of the covers. You’ll need the ISBN-10 number, then click the Amazon logo to add the picture. Call number will not automatically link to the catalog. If you want to link to the record follow the instructions below about creating a link to the catalog.

The simplest way to create a link to a record in the catalog is to use the following URL and replace the ######### with the System Number. 

For more details and options on linking to the catalog, visit

You can remove your profile info from an individual page if you like. While you’re editing the page, just click the X in the corner of your profile box.

You can also have multiple editors of one LibGuide now. The pages should show the profile of the person who created that page and you can add up to three other people as editors of you LibGuide. This feature can be found under “Guide Options” in the top right corner of your Admin view.

If you have other tips, suggestions, comments, etc., please comment on this post and share your expertise!

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