Reference Updates

By , September 12, 2008 8:52 am

The computer in Reference with a scanner attached has been replaced. It is now a new computer that’s the same model as the rest of the Reference “lab.” But it’s still separate from that image and still does have the scanner attached. I worked with it Wednesday night and got it configured, so now it’s safe to say that we have a working scanner again.

Also, the Student Reference Assistants (and anyone else working the Reference Desk if they want) will be shelf-reading the Reference Collection over the course of the semester. We have a pink slip of paper that shows where the shelf reading ended last time, so others can know where to start. Please leave this slip sticking out wherever you may find it (unless you’re doing some shelf reading). 🙂

We’ve added LCEasy to the Reference Desk computer. It’s a program that helps people learn (or refresh) how to shelve books properly according to LC Classification. Brad has been using this with the Circ students and now our Reference students will have the same program. They should be working their way through it before starting shelf reading. If you’re interested in testing your own shelving skills or refreshing your knowledge of proper LC book order, feel free to use the program on the Reference Desk computer (but not during our normal hours of service, please).

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