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By , October 15, 2008 1:18 pm

Well, the biggest change in LibGuides is something we’ve been asking for: a LINK CHECKER.

You can check the links in your own LibGuides from your “My Admin” page. It appears that it’s run once a month. All you have to do is click that link and you’ll see a list of the broken links and which Guide they’re in. Can’t be much easier than that!

Here are some LibGuides Stats as of September. Remember that this program was launched in May 2007 and has only been seriously promoted for a little over a year. (And we’ve been officially using it only since January of this year.)

LibGuides Stats for September

Community Sites: 362
Librarian Accounts: 6218
Total Guides: 17,101
Total Pages: 112,669
Unique Visitors: 246,513

If you’d like to get the feed from the LibGuides Support Blog, it’s here:

Also, we apparently were having issues with the Catalog Search from LibGuides in Facebook going to the PALNI site rather than our own Butler Libraries catalog. Although I thought I checked that function after we upgraded Aleph, it’s apparently been a problem since then. Since the Facebook search uses the same code as the regular search, we’ve probably had a problem with searching the catalog from ANY LibGuides app or widget. Yesterday I was able to get the code figured out and changed. As of this morning it appears to be continuing to work, even from outside Indiana.

If you would like more support, tips, ideas, etc., there are PLENTY available to you. Just log into your LibGuides “My Admin” page and click the Community tab. It’s well worth your time.

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