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By , January 29, 2009 8:22 am

I would like to remind everyone about our various library listservs and announce a small change in their configuration.

The Library group ( is for emails that need to go to all library staff (Irwin and Science). Technically, this isn’t a listserv but an Outlook “Group.” is the listserv to use for communications that need to go to all the librarians (Science and Irwin). is specifically for the Reference Desk. Because of all the changes we’ve been making in our Reference Services, I will be removing most of the librarians from this listserv and adding the students and part-time staff who work at the Reference Desk in Irwin Library. The focus will be on actual operational issues, so it won’t be relevant to those who don’t physically work at the Desk.

If you’re a librarian who has gotten used to using the “Reference Desk” listserv for emailing all the librarians, please begin using the Librarians one that was actually created for that purpose. It will
soon be the only one that does that.

Thanks much.

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