Consultation Appointments from the Information Commons

By , July 22, 2009 11:10 am

As a review for those who are at the Librarians Meeting yesterday, and as an explanation for those who were not able to attend, here is a description of the procedure that the Information Commons Assistants will be using to contact you.

During the normal work day, when the IC Asst. gets a question in your subject area for which they are not comfortable or capable of providing an answer, they will use IM or phone to contact you. This will hopefully get the student’s question answered as efficiently as possible.

If it is during the evening (or during the day but you are unavailable), the IC Asst. will create a Consultation Appointment in Outlook, inviting you and the student to attend. The location will be your office and the time will be one that is free on your calendar. No more than TWO Consultation appointments will be given you on any one day. These appointments will be “chaired” by “Information Commons.” If the time/day does not work for you, you can “Propose a New Time” instead of “Accepting” the invitation. The students will be told to check their email before showing up at your office, so the appointment time can be confirmed.

The student will leave the Information Commons with your business card in hand, with the appointment time written on the back. If they have any questions or need to change the time/day, they will have your contact information to facilitate that.

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