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Guest Access via Wireless

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By , February 16, 2009 10:50 am

Oh frabjous day!! We now have general open Wi-Fi in Irwin Library. The same type of guest access that has been available at Starbucks is now available in Irwin.

If a guest brings a wireless laptop into Irwin, they can click “View Available Wireless Networks” and should automatically see “BU Guest Wireless.” This network requires no username or password and does provide access to the Internet. It does NOT provide access to BUfiles or the databases; instead it asks for EZproxy logon info, just like it does for people off campus. People using the “BU Guest Wireless” network CAN print, but they have to add the printer to their computer. Instructions are at the Reference Desk, but will only be given out upon request.

This will not change most of what goes on in IL119 because database access is usually necessary.

We will still leave the backup instructions (the old way to log on guests) in the binder at the Reference Desk for the time being.


On-Call Reference Program Cancelled

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By , February 13, 2009 3:22 pm





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Originally we began this On-Call Reference program assuming
that we’d have a SLIS student working at the Reference Desk in the afternoons.
Given that our Part-Time Reference Assistant has the same qualifications (MLS)
as our Part-Time Reference Librarian and given that they both use the Subject
Liaisons rather than On-Call Librarians when they have questions, there is no
longer a need for librarians to be on call in the afternoons. I have spoken with
Lewis, Sally, and the Reference Librarians (full-time and part-time) and we’ve
agreed to cancel the On-Call program for the rest of the semester.


We do still need backups for the students who work at the Reference
Desk from 10am to Noon M-F, so Renee and I will be the regular backups for
them. On the occasions that both of us are out during those times, we will ask
for someone to cover the shift in an on-call format.


This should relieve the librarians of one minor scheduling
concern and make things easier for everyone.


Library Listservs

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By , January 29, 2009 8:22 am

I would like to remind everyone about our various library listservs and announce a small change in their configuration.

The Library group ( is for emails that need to go to all library staff (Irwin and Science). Technically, this isn’t a listserv but an Outlook “Group.” is the listserv to use for communications that need to go to all the librarians (Science and Irwin). is specifically for the Reference Desk. Because of all the changes we’ve been making in our Reference Services, I will be removing most of the librarians from this listserv and adding the students and part-time staff who work at the Reference Desk in Irwin Library. The focus will be on actual operational issues, so it won’t be relevant to those who don’t physically work at the Desk.

If you’re a librarian who has gotten used to using the “Reference Desk” listserv for emailing all the librarians, please begin using the Librarians one that was actually created for that purpose. It will
soon be the only one that does that.

Thanks much.

Outlook Calendars

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By , January 13, 2009 10:23 am

This is a reminder regarding how we are now using Outlook Calendars in the library.

Personnel Calendar – only for
irregular exceptions to your regular schedule (sick days, out of
town, personal days, etc.)
Library Schedule – only for
scheduling library rooms
Reference Desk Calendar – only for posting scheduled on-call hours and substitutes
Personal Calendar (the one attached to your email) – for all personal
appointments, classes, meetings, etc., both regular and irregular, and for any
personal appointments that you wish to keep private

It is important that you put appointments on your Personal Calendar so that your colleagues can more easily schedule meetings with you. Remember that anything you want to keep personal you can mark Private, which will hide all details except that you’re busy at that time.

Thanks very much.

Tutorial Quiz Stats for Fall 2008

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By , December 17, 2008 3:41 pm

This fall we had the following numbers of students taking quizzes based on our tutorials:

Library Basics:  25 students took it 30 times

Plagiarism: 243 students took it 358 times

Music Majors: 25 students took the quiz 33 times

14 classes had their professors request grades from me. More may have taken it, but probably not many.


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