New Printers in Reference

By , November 19, 2007 2:53 pm

As of this afternoon we have new printers in the Reference Department. They are the same model of Kyocera printers that we had at the beginning of the semester and which sit on the table there. These are newer than those, and so have less wear and tear.

These printers have been installed with HP drivers, so computers will think they’re HPs and print to them that way. This should greatly reduce the number of printer jams and print queue delays that occur. In fact, if either of those things happens, please let me know so I can track their occurrence.

Laptops MAY experience problems printing to these printers if they’ve already got the printers installed on the laptops, because the laptop will think it’s a Kyocera printer but the network will be treating it like an HP printer, resulting in “gobbledygook” printing out. If this happens, the laptop simply needs to uninstall the printer and reinstall it.

There are no current plans to change these printers, test anything new, or otherwise break continuity with these printers and how they work, so things should be stable for quite a while now.


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