State of the Printers Address

By , November 26, 2007 2:02 pm

To all frustrated librarians and staff who have begun pulling their hair out over the Reference Computers, greetings.

As was mentioned last week, the printer testing that was going on in Reference is finished and we are back to the configuration we had at the beginning of the year. That means two smaller desktop printers and EVERYTHING in the Library, both lab-type computers and student laptops, will be printing on IL_120_K.

We do know that these printers are jamming more than we’re used to and are occasionally having other problems as well. When you are working at the Reference Desk (or even when you’re not but happen to encounter a problem), please document ALL printer problems in the spreadsheet whose shortcut is on the Desktop of the RefDesk computer. If you are getting more frustrated with these printers, please document problems all the more diligently, so we can more accurately raise a stink that will surely reach even the nostrils of the Chief Information Officer.

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