Bulldog Memorial

  • More Than a Memorial

“Symbols matter. Uniforms, flags, banners, even mascots. They’re like pieces of your heart that you can see.” – Ronald D. Moore

It’s not just a memorial, it’s a tribute to Butler’s live mascots, both past and present. Make your gift to the Bulldog Memorial now via the button on the right and learn more by reading the information below.

Pay Homage

The Butler Bulldog Memorial will honor Butler’s live mascots, hold the remains of these beloved bulldog companions, and pay homage to the unofficial mascots that came before them. The result will be more than just a resting place for Butler’s bulldog mascots, but a campus icon and point of pride for the Butler community.

This dual purpose (memorial and columbarium) piece is designed to be a timeless relic, built to last, which serves as a point of pride, provides an appropriate tribute, and ties in perfectly with its immediate campus surroundings.

Design & Location

A location to the immediate east of Hinkle Fieldhouse has been identified and reserved for this iconic piece. More specifically, this memorial will be erected just inside the main gate to the Butler Bowl, between two trees along the east fence line. The piece will face Hinkle Fieldhouse to the west. This location allows the memorial to be accessible at all times by the campus community and public.

Modeled in Blue II’s likeness, the Bulldog Memorial will prominently feature a bronze bulldog sculpted by artist Dale Johnson of Old World Stone, Columbus, Ohio. Johnson carved the limestone bulldog statue that proudly stands before the south entrance to Butler’s Atherton Student Union.

Constructed by the Buchanan Group, Inc. and installed by Flanner & Buchanan representatives, the dog house will provide both strong aesthetics and intelligent functionality. This captivating piece will also serve as a columbarium, storing the remains of the live mascots who pass away over time.

Many materials will be used to construct the dog house, including authentic brick from either the Hinkle Fieldhouse or Butler Bowl projects, a limestone roof, various bronze embellishments, a steel frame, and a granite columbarium on the back side.

Bronze work will be featured in various forms on the memorial beyond the focal point of the bronze bulldog sculpture. Bronze plaques will provide information about the memorial, indicating that it is dedicated to Butler’s unofficial mascots from decades ago, and reserved for the remains of each live mascot in succession, starting with Butler Blue I. 

Additionally, the dog house will feature the Butler Blue logo in bronze atop its opening, at the pitch of the roof line.

Project Timeline

Construction of the Bulldog Memorial hinges on two primary factors: funding and construction traffic associated with Hinkle Fieldhouse preservations. First and foremost, construction on the memorial will not commence until full funding is acquired through private donations. This is why your donation is so crucial.

Should full funding be achieved, construction could begin as early as 2014, which should accommodate construction traffic dedicated to Hinkle Fieldhouse.

The Campaign for Hinkle Fieldhouse

Dating back to 2011, the Campaign for Hinkle Fieldhouse has included an ongoing effort to preserve and maintain the historic structure of Butler’s “Grand Old Barn,” while making enhancements to benefit the experience for Butler’s student-athletes, fans and spectators.

Any funds raised above and beyond those needed for the Bulldog Memorial will support the Campaign for Hinkle Fieldhouse.

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The Big Dawgs Tour

The Butler University Big Dawgs Tour rides again! From January through March, our beloved Bulldog, Butler Blue III will be venturing away from campus to spread some Butler cheer and follow the men's basketball team as they take on new BIG EAST opponents.

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