Shannon S @ CAT & Lib 5/2/2013


My last shift at IC for the year. Its kinda bitter sweet. Today i helped Michelle with the moodle site and updating it.

Alex CAT 5-1-13


Today I met with Erica and Michelle to discuss the future of the Promo Video and some suggestions they had about the video.

Shannon S. @ CAT 4/30/2013


today i organized the black cabinet and recorded everything we have in there as of today. And i helped Michelle organize the the ipad cord cabinet

Alex CAT 4-26-13


Today I found background music to add to the promo video and tweaked some things in the video so it can be ready for next Monday.

Shannon S @ CAT & Lib 4/25/2013


Today I responded to the email about the retreat and brainstormed some ideas with Michelle. I made the corrections to the Skype guide that me and meg talked about

Alex CAT 4-24-12


Today Erica and I led an iMovie/Movie Maker training session for a FYS class.

Shannon S @ CAT 4/23/2012


Today was kind of busy, a lot of people came in for help. Today i meet with meg about the Skype Quick Guide and about the social tomorrow. I worked on putting something together with the glossary and responding to some emails. I also looked on the WordPress Script for the “speedy” training on Thursday

Shannon S @ CAT&Lib 4/18/2013


today i responded to a lot of emails about the social and hires for next year. I also worked the Skype Moodle training document.

Alex CAT 4-17-13


Today I showed the IC Promo Video to Erica for some outsiders feedback and added background music to the video. I also checked out JH155 where the training session will be Thursday to give Erica tips on what and how to film.

Ryan CAT 4/17

  • Emailed Chasadee Fall 2013 schedule
  • Added quote to the new Aurasma bookmark
  • Worked on GarageBand training script
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