Amanda Library 5/1/2013


Today was my last day in the library for the semester!

Good luck with finals everybody!

Amanda Library 4/30/2013


I got inspired to study for my Religions class

I began writing a paper

I helped a lot of people print and did some research on Butler Library page

Amanda CAT 4/29/2013


I looked closer at my finals schedule and all of the papers I have to write to see what amount of work I can fit in… not much

I found some incredible blogs about professional development that focus on developing self

I connected on LinkedIn to my previous intern bosses.

Amanda Library (&CAT) 4/29/2013


Today I accidentally went to CAT when I was picking up a shift from Cierra in the library.

So I went to the library about 30 minutes in.

I looked at the wordpress script and answered any questions regarding the script

I looked up stuff for professional development, found some good blogs

I helped various library patrons.

Amanda CAT 4/26/2013


Today I did some reflection on my semester

I updated my blog inĀ preparationĀ for my professional development position.

I took the IC survey

Amanda CAT 4/25/2013


I found hours that I could work during the beginning of May

I looked through libstats

I found some different ways to track data on libstats

Amanda CAT 4/25/2013


I took care of some post social activities.

I talked with michelle about my next tasks

I worked on wordpress script

Amanda Library 4/23/2013


Today I organized all of the memes for the photo contest tomorrow

I printed them and put names on them

I did some research

Amanda CAT 4/23/2013


Today I checked in on the ipad for the moodle training

I finalized the social plans

I emailed reminders and checked in on Blue’s owner (fingers crossed)

Amanda CAT 4/19/2013


Today I helped one of my old professors in JH041 with some programming problems

We officially have 14 people RSVP

I helped a student with iMovie

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