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Butler E-Sports: Interview with the Call of Duty Team

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Butler’s Call of Duty esports team struggled early in their season, but they have turned things around of late. They are currently on a five game win streak with its most recent win against Ohio State University, 3-1. 


Joey Gruzskowski, a member of the team, says that their early season struggles “are mistakes we make repeatedly in our practices that we can’t seem to fix. During the playoffs, stuff like that can really hurt us unless we correct them.” 


However, Joey’s teammate and team captain Jack Glynn has been able to tighten the ship and lead his team to late season success.  


“As far as outstanding players our Team Captain Jack Glynn is a really good in game leader and keeps everybody focused during practices and matches. I started playing last year and he’s really helped mold me into a strong player so I’m always trying to learn from him.” 


The Butler esports team started with seven losses, before their first win against the University of Oregon. Joey and his teammates talked about keys to their success, one of them being communication. 


“As a team this year we do a really good job of communicating areas we can improve, no one is afraid to speak up which is something I feel like we struggled with last year. We had a really close match against Northern Kentucky University that we won 3-2 and they’re a super strong team in our division so that was huge.”


After losing to Purdue University in the opening of the Competitive Collegiate Call of Duty (CCL) part of the season, the Bulldogs have won five in a row. Joey was adamant about the team fixing their mistakes in order to win. 


Later in the season when the playoffs start, Joey and the Butler esports team are looking forward to their run in playoffs. 


“Lastly I think as long as we continue to polish out our game we’ll have a really good chance of making playoffs and even being able to make a run in playoffs.”