When/where is the next Butler University Dance Marathon?

BUDM will be in late January 2016 from 10am-10pm at the HRC (Heath and Recreation Complex).

Do I need a special pass to attend the event?

No, we encourage people to visit Dance Marathon. Donations are greatly appreciated!

Do I have to stay all 12 hours?

We strongly encourage each dancer to stay all 12 hours. There will be plenty of activities and inspiration to keep you at the event.

Do I have to dance?

No, there are many other activities to do besides dancing, but dancing is FUN! Throughout the event, the Morale committee will teach a dance that will be completed at the end of the night.

What am I dancing for?

You are dancing for Riley Hospital for Children. All the money raised for BUDM directly benefits the hospital. “It’s For The Kids!”

Do I sleep or eat during those 12 hours?

As a dancer, there is no sleeping! However, dancers are fed for free throughout the entire event! There are meals, drinks, and snacks available during the 12 hours. If there is something in particular that you like, you are welcome to bring it to the event.

How do I register to be a dancer?

Click the registration link on the “Home” page or the “Dancers” page. It is all done online.

What is the cost to be a dancer?

Each dancer is asked to pay a $15 registration fee during the registration process.

What activities are planned for the Dance Marathon?

The Morale committee teaches a dance throughout the night. There is music, games, and playing with the kids from Riley. We are constantly updating our activities as well, so you can be sure this year is even better than last!

As a dancer, am I responsible for fundraising?

Yes. Fundraising is the primary goal of Dance Marathon, therefore dancer fundraising is essential. We ask that you set your own goals and raise as much or as little money as you desire. Each dancer is encouraged to set a minimum fundraising goal of $100.

How do I fundraise?

The easiest way you can fundraise is by participating in the Letter Writing campaign. The registration website also provides an email option to solicit donations. Visit our “Dancers” page to find more ways to fundraise.

How do I become a committee member?

Please contact the Director of the committee you wish to join. Visit the “Committees” page for more information.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

Please feel free to contact any executive member of BUDM. Visit “Meet Exec” for the email address or visit “Contact BUDM” for general information.