How to Fundraise

The best way to fundraise is to make your cause known!  Make sure those you are contacting know what BUDM is all about.  If snail mail is your thing, we have letter templates to send out.  If email is your thing, it’s helpful to include the story of the Riley kid that your color team is representing.  And as always, use social media to get the word out about our cause!  BUDM has a Facebook and Twitter – our links are at the top of the website pages.


We also have various fundraising opportunities throughout the semester including canning, give back nights, and car washes.


If checks are being used to donate, please address them or take them to the PuLSE Office: 704 W. Hampton Dr., Indianapolis, IN 46208.  The checks should be written to “Riley Children’s Foundation” with BUDM: [student’s name] as the memo.