If you are interested in going a step further than being a dancer, you should join one of our committees! These groups are dedicated to making BUDM run smoothly and we couldn’t do it without them. There are a variety of different opportunities to get involved. This is a list of our committees and the contact information for each director. Please email them if you are interested in joining a committee!

Apparel & Technology –

This committee is in charge of designing all of the apparel for the year including promotional shirts, marathon shirts, and general merchandise.  They also come up with ideas for promotional videos to inspire other members of campus to join us at the event.  If you have experience in video or apparel design, we would love to have you!

Corporate & Alumni Relations

Corporate Relations is the committee of Dance Marathon that recruits and stewards corporate sponsor for our events. The main tasks involve creating a sponsorship packet each year, contacting potential sponsors, and stewarding the sponsors so they feel involved with BUDM and know how much we appreciate them. Alumni are also a priority because we don’t want the fun to end upon graduating!  Alumni can still fundraise and be involved in BUDM, and this committee has the responsibility of making sure the alumni are informed.

Dancer Relations

You will need to be enthusiastically involved with promoting BUDM on campus. Committee members should be ready and willing to help promote BUDM’s various events held throughout the year.  They also help plan creative ways to keep dancers actively engaged during the time leading up to the big event (e.g. incentives/competition for raising a certain amount of money, attending events, etc.).


The Entertainment Committee is great for creative and enthusiastic people! These individuals are especially important on the day of BUDM in January; such as, setting up the games, working with the inflatables, and being lively up on stage. We would meet consistently once a month and more so leading up to the event.


The Fundraising Committee is a great way to be involved in BUDM! We put on events like car washes, canning, giveback nights, and much more! Not only do we put on these events, but we also fundraise throughout the year by volunteering at concessions, working outside of Butler at events, and many other things. Basically, we put the FUN in FUNdraising!

High School Relations

This committee will be in charge of working closely with our partnering high schools and serving as their mentors as they put on their own Dance Marathons. Some specific duties will include recruiting high school involvement, attending planning meetings, and being able to give your time and knowledge whenever the high school execs have questions.

Hospitality –

As a committee member, you will be calling restaurants throughout the semester and possibly help the day of Dance Marathon setting up or picking up food. We will also help with the food at other events throughout the year.

Gala – 

This committee is in charge of making sure the Gala is a success!  The Gala is a formal dinner for students, parents, and the community to attend.  It is a great fundraiser that allows us to show off what we do For The Kids to those not able to attend our marathon.  Members of this committee help plan and set up the event as well as gather items to be auctioned off to support Riley Hospital for Children.

Marketing –

We are in charge of the graphics and promotion of BUDM. We are also in charge of coming up with ways to advertise BUDM on campus and recruit dancers to join us at the event. We would need a committee to help come up with fresh ideas, and the more people the better! Our committee also designs posters and helps with the social media. We need people on our committee who are involved on campus and have a voice to get the word out about this amazing event. We will need to market it ridiculously, have successful call-out events, and advertise so we can get as many dancers as possible.


Morale is so important because we are the energy, the excitement, and the motivation behind DM. Of course we are known for creating our line dance that is taught and performed at the marathon, but our role goes so far beyond that. We are needed to create hype and excitement among the student body and are also needed to motivate the dancers and visitors that attend. Before you can bring people to work for a cause you need to inspire them into action: thats where we come in!!! And we need all the help we can get! JOIN MORALE! :)

Operations –

The Operations committee is so important to the success of the events sponsored by BUDM throughout the year. Members of this committee help with the “behind the scenes” aspect of the events, such as contacting suppliers for materials, planning event layouts, and setting up and tearing down for events. Members should be organized and willing to move chairs, tables, and decorations. If you are creative, this is the committee for you because we make all the decorations for the events!

Riley Relations

The Riley Relations committee is all about making sure the Riley families are the main focus of everything we do.  Members of the committee will be help the Directors stay in contact with the families, and meet them at events. For the marathon, we need a team to create the inspiration tent, set up the family area at our marathon, and help in assigning “buddies” to each family. We are looking for a team that has great communication skills, interacts well with kids, and most importantly is passionate about Dance Marathon!

Special Events

The Special Events committee requires organization, creativity, and enthusiasm. Members of this committee should enjoy planning and hosting events, working with others, and having fun! Organization is key in planning events because we have deadlines to meet in order to host a successful event.  Creative individuals can help come up with fun, innovative, and exciting ideas that can make these events even better.  Enthusiasm is a must because this is all For the Kids!