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Clothes Make the Dawg

It was the famous author and humorist, Mark Twain who once said, “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.” I suppose the same could be said for a dog, after all, a flea-bitten fur ball is a dime a dozen, but throw on some threads on the mangiest of mutts and much of society will swoon.

Any questions for the pharmacist?

So was the case on two occasions this past November which required my presence and specific attire. First, up was the annual Butler College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (COPHS) White Coat Ceremony held during Family weekend. The second was the Inauguration Gala held in honor of the installation of Butler’s 21st President, James M. Danko.

So Pops got on the phone with his haberdasher at the Tom James Co. to see if they could design and tailor a white lab coat and a tuxedo for me. Remember, it was the Tom James Co. that stitched together my highly recognized and sought after jersey after Nike sent the material my way.

So not only do they custom tailor fine business and leisure wear for humans, but when commissioned, they can piece together the perfect fit for English Bulldogs as well. My sincere thanks to them!

My white lab coat is a three-button model with side pockets and of course, the COPHS patch. As I led the faculty processional onto the Clowes Hall stage, the audience came alive with much laughter and applause. Then Dean Mary Andritz got things started with my introduction and welcome as a new tradition to their new white coat ceremony.

Black Tie for the Gala

The Name is Blue. Butler Blue II.

Needless to say, I felt pretty intelligent in that coat and very special. I’m already looking forward to wearing it next year!

A week later, the Tom James Co. pulled out all of the stops and constructed a hand-made, custom-tailored tuxedo for me to wear to President Danko’s Inaugural Gala.

Under the jacket is a white, undershirt-like piece with a black bow tie sewn in. The two-button jacket, came complete with tails and decorative buttons, has a full lapel, a breast pocket with sewn-in pocket square, fully functional pockets and sewn-in decorative, silver silk liner.

Yeah, it’s nicer than any tux you’ve ever rented and rivals anything that tux owners have in their closet.

I know the night was all about President Danko, but I think I sort of stole the show. Oops. So when is the next black tie affair?!


Oh, and if I didn’t slow the weekly alterations schedule at the Tom James Co. Indy office enough, they’re also working on two more new Nike jerseys for me.

After two Final Four appearances and a ton of use, my current jersey has seen better days and is ready for retirement. I’m trying to convince Butler Athletic Director, Barry Collier, to hang it in Hinkle Fieldhouse for all to see. After all, it’s an iconic part of Butler history now.

So do clothes really make the dog? Well, I must admit, I was doing pretty well for myself before these fancy threads came along. However, they sure don’t hurt!

Blue II

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Bettye S. Laughlin —

Why not auction off Blue II’s Houston Final Four jersey for Butler’s Foundation? Working on several foundations here in Ohio, I am always searching for ideas such as yours at Butler!!!!! What a treasure!


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