A Dog House to Call Home

Serving as “Butler Blue,” the official mascot of Butler University, both the late Blue II and I have amassed an assembly of priceless prized possessions over the years. Such artifacts and heirlooms include:

The Built Ford Tough Blue Mobile, provided by Don Hinds Ford
The official Butler Blue collar, custom created by Reis Nichols Jewelers
The official Nike jersey, hand tailored by the Tom…

All Heart, Bulldog Tough

You know those people who work their whole lives only to retire and almost immediately fall apart? Well, to no surprise, I seem to be the dog version of that phenomenon.

After logging a nine-year career as the official mascot of Butler University and hanging up my custom Nike jersey this past May, it seems that my good health decided a retirement was in order as well.

By June, my body had…

New Site, Big Tour

I’m excited to share some big news as the year comes to a close and the month of December begins; my new website has been launched and I’m going on tour! is live and will serve not only as my new site, but the online home of Butler University’s entire live mascot program, so you’ll be able to find Butler Blue III (Trip) related content there as well.

Speaking of…

Butler’s Mascot, America’s Dog…Mascot Mentor?

Well by now you’ve probably seen the news, and it’s true, the Butler University mascot family is growing. Making his debut at the Butler Men’s Basketball game this Saturday, Feb. 18th is none other than Butler Blue III; my intern, my understudy, my successor.

We all knew this day would come. Even I knew it, but here’s the thing, I’m not going anywhere. Just because Blue III (or “Trip” as we’…

Shorty Awards a Tall Honor

When I first heard I was in the running for a Shorty Award, I had to do a double take paired with a “Who are you calling shorty?” However I’ve since learned that the Shorty Awards are quite the tall honor as the top dawgs in social media are recognized in their respective categories. Conan O’Brien, Neil Patrick Harris, Suze Orman and even Sesame Street’s, Grover, have received the honor. So I…

America’s Dog Ready for Super Bowl XLVI

As the official mascot of Butler University, it’s only natural that I’m all-things Butler. As mascot, I’m a spokesdoggy, face, greeter, host, personality, leader and just all around ambassador for the university. Well, that’s how things started at least. Now, nearly eight years and two NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Fours later, I’ve added to my title and responsibilities as Butler’s Mascot,…

Summoning the Tooth Fairy

As you may have heard via my other social networking outlets, I had a little dental work done this past week. Now, I know what your thinking and no, I didn’t see the orthodontist for my trademark lower teeth. Instead, I went in for what I thought was to be a root canal on one of my upper fangs and much to my surprise, came away one tooth lighter. Oh, Tooth Fairy…pay up!

While my teeth may…

Name is Blue, but You Can Call Me Butter…

…Because I’m on a roll! Okay, bad joke, but I am on a bit of a hot streak these past few days and I would be remiss if I didn’t share.

Let’s be honest, my whole life has been blessed. Plus, one could take a look back at these past couple of years and note that consecutive NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four appearances and all that goes with it qualifies me for having a “hot hand” or “paw,”…

Clothes Make the Dawg

It was the famous author and humorist, Mark Twain who once said, “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.” I suppose the same could be said for a dog, after all, a flea-bitten fur ball is a dime a dozen, but throw on some threads on the mangiest of mutts and much of society will swoon.

So was the case on two occasions this past November which required my…

The Butler ‘Alma Mater’ – Twitter Contest

Premise & Parameters
After several big Butler events over the last month or so, I must say that I have come away amazed at how many of my fellow Bulldogs do not seem to actually know the words to Butler’s “Alma Mater” by Fred W. Wolfe ’16.  Rather than just belly-ache about the observation, I want to encourage the campus community to learn the lyrics. Thus, I give to you the Butler…

Good Boy, Blue!

After much anticipation, the Butler Blue children's book, "Good Boy, Blue!" is finally off to print. Butler fans and kids of all ages are sure to love this heartwarming story and iconic illustrations.

Pre-order your copy today!

Get Your Pup a Blue III PetBox

Treat your best friend with a Blue III PetBox! After all, doesn't your dog deserve the very best? Blue III has teamed with PetBox to load up a box each month with the latest and greatest in treats, toys, and pet products. Proceeds benefit Butler's live mascot program too!

Order a Blue III PetBox today!

The Big Dawgs Tour

The Butler University Big Dawgs Tour rides again! From January through March, our beloved Bulldog, Butler Blue III will be venturing away from campus to spread some Butler cheer and follow the men's basketball team as they take on new BIG EAST opponents.

Be sure to follow along and enter yourself into the Big Dawgs Tour Contest!

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