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America’s Dog Ready for Super Bowl XLVI

As the official mascot of Butler University, it’s only natural that I’m all-things Butler. As mascot, I’m a spokesdoggy, face, greeter, host, personality, leader and just all around ambassador for the university. Well, that’s how things started at least. Now, nearly eight years and two NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Fours later, I’ve added to my title and responsibilities as Butler’s Mascot, America’s Dog.

XLVI is the New No. 1

So while I’ll always be THE Butler Bulldog, there are times now when I have to use my celebrity and “Klout” to put my best paw forward to represent even more than my beloved BU. I suppose the quickly approaching Super Bowl XLVI is a good example of such an instance. Okay, that’s a huge understatement. Indianapolis’ hosting of Super Bowl XLVI is probably the best example of such a case.

With the Super Bowl coming to town, the City of Indianapolis and State of Indiana has an incredible opportunity to not just host a big game, but bring together a city, a state and a nation over something more than just football. That mission certainly isn’t lost on the 2012 Super Bowl Host Committee. They’re in the midst of pulling off the best hosting of a Super Bowl in the history of the event.

Social 46

That brings me to the first ever “Social 46” On Thursday, Jan. 19, 2012, the 2012 Indianapolis Super Bowl Host Committee did something unprecedented in Super Bowl planning by assembling the 46 most “influential and connected” social media savvy in Indiana. They did this in an effort to make Super Bowl XLVI the most connected Super Bowl ever. Pretty smart move.

I really can’t sum up the Social 46 experience better than Tyler Burns does in his recent blog post. So if you want to know what it’s all about, what we’re going to do, etc., then give it a read.

Of course, I’m excited to have been identified as one of the “Social 46.” It’s an honor for me and certainly a feather in Butler’s cap. However, you’re fooling yourself if you think Social 46 is only about 45 people and one dog.

46 of Indiana's Top Social Media Geeks

Social Bowl

I’ve been in the online social networking game long enough to know that Social 46 might as well have been Social 92, 138, 184, or probably even more. It just so happens that we’re only on the 46th Super Bowl and the room we met in at the host committee headquarters could only fit about 46 souls.

The Most SUPER Host Committee Ever

But in all seriousness, Social 46 is really just a means by the host committee to jump start a Super Bowl social revolution; a means to create a Social Bowl. It’s the 92, 138, 184 and the masses that will really make this thing go.

My best advice, hit the official Super Bowl 2012 website, assemble your plan to participate in the plethora of Super Bowl related events, bring your smart phone and get social! Everyone has a role to play in this!

And here are a couple of Twitter hashtags you might want to use and reference as you tweet about your Super Bowl experience: #SB46 and #SuperBowl

A Dawg About Town

Of course, you know that I’ll be a Dawg about town over the next couple of weeks, and not just representing Butler, but representing Indianapolis and Hoosiers alike. I simply cannot wait!

After participating in consecutive Final Fours, I’m ready for this and I’ve already got some pretty cool appearances and engagements on the schedule. I can’t divulge details yet, but keep an eye on my Twitter, Facebook, website, this blog, Flickr, Foursquare and the like.

Oh, and I’m still determined to be granted an appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon when the show comes to town for four recordings. The #Blue2onLateNight hashtag will be used frequently in an effort to do just that!

I look forward to joining my neighbors (read: you) in showing the world the greatness of Indianapolis, the greatness of Indiana and most importantly, the greatness of Hoosiers.

I wonder if they have a dog harness for that zip line.

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