Hot Diggity Dog, it’s the Wienermobile!

How’s the old saying go? It takes a hot dog to know one? Well, I did the math on that and found that I sure do know my fair share of hot dogs, including one on wheels that has become a national icon known as the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile!

I first laid eyes on the Wienermobile in July when Hotdoggers, Dyl-icious Dylan and Ketchup Kylie rode into town to do some grocery store appearances and…

Known as ‘Lionheart’, Wheldon was a Bulldog

While I intend for this blog to be lighthearted and a source of joy for readers, well, life gets in the way sometimes. Today, Sunday, Oct. 16, 2011, is a prime example of how that can happen.

I woke up to eggs and pancakes atop my bowl of Holistic Select and then enjoyed chasing Pops around the yard on an unseasonably warm fall day. I couldn’t have dreamed of a better day. Pops strategically…

The Blogging Continues

Yes, this is a new blog. No, I am not new to blogging. In fact, I used to be quite the dog blogger (you can read those old posts here), but the advent of Twitter made 140-character updates seem so much easier. After all, I had a lot on my plate, or bowl, as a dog that was in attendance for back-to-back NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Fours and…

Good Boy, Blue!

After much anticipation, the Butler Blue children's book, "Good Boy, Blue!" is finally off to print. Butler fans and kids of all ages are sure to love this heartwarming story and iconic illustrations.

Pre-order your copy today!

Get Your Pup a Blue III PetBox

Treat your best friend with a Blue III PetBox! After all, doesn't your dog deserve the very best? Blue III has teamed with PetBox to load up a box each month with the latest and greatest in treats, toys, and pet products. Proceeds benefit Butler's live mascot program too!

Order a Blue III PetBox today!

The Big Dawgs Tour

The Butler University Big Dawgs Tour rides again! From January through March, our beloved Bulldog, Butler Blue III will be venturing away from campus to spread some Butler cheer and follow the men's basketball team as they take on new BIG EAST opponents.

Be sure to follow along and enter yourself into the Big Dawgs Tour Contest!

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