‘Good Feeling’ – Flo Rida (Super Bowl XLVI Recap)

I’m overdue on two things: 1.) a recap of my Super Bowl XLVI escapades, and 2.) another installment of “Blue 2unes.” Well, two birds, one stone, let’s go!

So why Flo Rida’s “Good Feeling?” Wait, you weren’t hoping for Madonna were you? Not happening. I went with “Good Feeling” for starters, because it  hit No. 1 on the Billboard Top 40 this past week, not to mention, Flo performed the song…

‘Down in the Valley’ – The Head and the Heart

The Head and the Heart; a couple of vital body parts and the name of a band that further proves Seattle’s reputation as one of the nation’s best music mills. These avid mic night participants formed in 2009 to create a sound that has been dubbed, indie folk-pop. I call it Americana and this Dawg digs it.

Their freshman album, “The Head and the Heart,” which debuted in 2010, is still kicking out…

‘Dominick the Donkey’ – Lou Monte

Thanks to the men of Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE), the 1960 Holiday tune, “Dominick the Donkey” has become a holiday tradition on the campus of Butler University. Upon the return of Thanksgiving break, speakers atop the TKE chapter house and facing Hampton Dr., broadcast the mind-sticking jingle from one limestone building to the next.

Little did Richard Allen, Sam Saltzberg, and Lou Monte know that…

‘Anna Sun’ – Walk the Moon

The latest installment of “Blue 2unes” takes us just next door, down I-74 and to the Buckeye State’s city on the river, Cincinnati, Ohio. Think Cincinnati and the brain conjures up images of Skyline Chilli, Charlie Hustle, WKRP, Kings Island, the former Mr. Jessica Simpson,  Montgomery Inn, the Ickey Shuffle, and maybe even Chris Sabo’s Rec Specs. Well, prepare to add Walk the Moon to that list…

The Butler ‘Alma Mater’ – Twitter Contest

Premise & Parameters
After several big Butler events over the last month or so, I must say that I have come away amazed at how many of my fellow Bulldogs do not seem to actually know the words to Butler’s “Alma Mater” by Fred W. Wolfe ’16.  Rather than just belly-ache about the observation, I want to encourage the campus community to learn the lyrics. Thus, I give to you the Butler…

‘Equestrian’ – US Royalty

I suppose if the District of Columbia is the root of your origins, then by all means, you should consider yourself “US Royalty.” Thus, the aptly named foursome embraces the moniker and their music even more.

With US Royalty’s first full album, “MIRRORS,” arriving in January of this year, the band struck a chord with “Equestrian” and it’s been buzzing college campuses and the indie/alt rock scen…

‘Shuffle’ – Bombay Bicycle Club

The Bombay Bicycle Club might not be what you think. And by that I mean, I don’t think this is a group of India’s finest cyclists who gather for stage races. Nope, this is a band of British boys who’ve traded their two-wheelers for guitars and have made good use of them.

Their third album in as many years has produced a single that caught the attention of my furry ears in “Shuffle.” I can’t…

‘Butler War Song’ – John Heiney ’23

With the first official home game of the Butler University Men’s Basketball season scheduled for this week, it’s time for a very special edition of “Blue 2unes.” This installment features the one and only “Butler War Song,” penned by the Class of 1923’s John Heiney, as I’m guessing that it might time for a little refresher on the lyrics.

I figure we’ll have a few newbies in the stands this year…

‘Trojans’ – Atlas Genius

As it turns out, a young Jackson Aldridge isn’t the only “next big thing” coming out of Australia these days. The Aussie band Atlas Genius has music fans hoping “Trojans” can be backed up with a full studio album to match.

We’ve sort of seen this story before with Foster the People and that ended well. Armed initially with just a handful of tracks, Foster the People were able to reward music…

‘Comeback Kid’ – Brett Dennen

Brett Dennen’s “Comeback Kid (That’s My Dog)” might as well be my theme song. Or at least I like to think he thought of me when he wrote the song, but that’s probably far fetched.

No really though, when he sings the line, “There goes the hero/He’s the underdog/He’s coming out on top” I just can’t help but think of our Butler Men’s Basketball team’s of the last couple of years. After all, as…

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