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Butler’s Mascot, America’s Dog…Mascot Mentor?

Well by now you’ve probably seen the news, and it’s true, the Butler University mascot family is growing. Making his debut at the Butler Men’s Basketball game this Saturday, Feb. 18th is none other than Butler Blue III; my intern, my understudy, my successor.

Bulldog Puppies...Nothing Cuter

We all knew this day would come. Even I knew it, but here’s the thing, I’m not going anywhere. Just because Blue III (or “Trip” as we’ll call him,) is coming on the scene, that doesn’t mean that I’m ready to retire just yet. I think I’ll just keep working and holding down my post as “Butler’s Mascot, America’s Dog,” and maybe just add the role of “Mascot Mentor” to my plate as well.

That’s probably making it sound easier than it will be, but I’m up to the task. After all, I’ve got to learn to share my home, my family, my office, my co-workers, my school and my spotlight. However, I’m not sure I’ll have time to notice all of that too much, because I’ve got so much to teach this little guy!

Just stay tuned to this blog, my Twitter, Flickr and other social networking outlets and I’ll be sure to share my experiences in training Trip.

Oh, and about Trip…he’s now an eight week old, AKC-registered English Bulldog pup that hails from the same place I came from, the lovely Kong King Kennel in Lizton, Indiana. Frank and Jeane King helped to breed this brindle and white bundle of joy, and while we both come from the same kennel, we are not related.

Though we don’t share blood, Trip does come from good stock as he’s a descendant of Champion Cherokee Legend Rock who happens to be one of the Nation’s most decorated English Bulldogs of all time. So he has that going for him, which is nice.

So Young, So Innocent

So that’s Trip and I can’t wait for you to meet him. Again, you can get a good look at him on Saturday in Hinkle Fieldhouse as he’s introduced just after the singing of the National Anthem. After that, the Butler campus community can take a gander at him on Tuesday, Feb. 21st in Atherton Union at the Starbucks/Bookstore area from 11:00a – 1:00p. Also, the community at-large can see him on Sat., Feb. 25th for his “puppy shower” at City Dogs Grocery (52nd & College), from 10:30a – noon.

And if you can’t come see Trip yet, then you can keep track of him online as I’ve already got him working the social networking as well. He has his own website and he’s on Twitter, Facebook and the like as well. Follow along and I’ll teach him some new tricks along the way as well.

Wish me luck!

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Miss Butler's K/1 Bulldogs —

Dear Blue II,

Hey Blue II!!! Long time, no talk. We haven’t seen you in a while, and we even have a few of us who haven’t even met you yet. But we wanted to say congrats on your newest member of your family. Trip looks really cute and fun. We’re sure that you will be an AWESOME mentor for Trip. He’s learning from the best. We wonder how is the training going? We can’t make it to Starbucks next week (Miss B won’t let us skip school and literacy centers) but hopefully we can see you and Trip sooner than later?

Your favorite class (hopefully)
Miss Butler’s K/1 Bulldogs

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