Click. “Hello my name is Siri,” “Ring Ring.” It rings and stays ringing as a mash-up of Rihanna and Sam Smith singing. Leave it alone, because when you’re on it you’re very monitored. You haven’t noticed but you’re alone because your friends have left you, didn’t tell you because you’re losing humanity and sanity within an idiot box, so please let the madness stop. Your phone, android or not, is still ringing. Were you near Rihanna and Sam Smith singing, Ding. Buzz. Pop. The ringing hasn’t stopped, but you have a notification. Your family is on vacation in paradise and not to be precise. There were five fights at school and a girl hung herself because today while you were on your phone you called her lame! Now you feel the pain you’ve gained for not putting your stupid “new box of shame’ away.


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