You sit in my room
Staring out the window
Although your face is painted
And in a room with many people
I can tell that you are all alone
Immobile in the corner, only seeing faces go in and out
I wonder what you think
What you feel
Is it a torture?
Do you wanna die?
Or do you feel that this is the only way to live
Seeing many faces going in and out
Showing many emotions, while you cannot show none
What do you think of me?
The person you see most
Do you feel anger?
Or have you gotten used to me, having no emotions
I thought you were cool at first sight
But was it the right choice to take you?
Do you like being with me?
Or would you rather be dead in the dump
I always wonder what you think
What you feel
Idk if I made the right choice
I hope you don’t go through hell
I hope this isn’t a curse for you
I hope you’re okay
And not waiting for your death, or an Armageddon


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