The Student Government Association is composed of over 120 student leaders that work within our six boards. Each board is led by a Vice President and has a specific purpose that coincides with the SGA mission of enhancing the student life experience. Our six boards can be defined as follows:

Council on Presidential Affairs (CPA): CPA serves as the liaison between students and Butler administration, faculty, and staff. Working to address student concerns, this board works proactively for the betterment of campus life corresponding to the various University departments: Student Life, Student Services, Operations, Academic Affairs, and Green Operations.

Finance Board: The Finance Board operates the SGA grants system. Every year, SGA sets aside money to be granted out to various student organizations for their programming, development, publicity, etc. The board members involved, and the grants committee they coordinate, award the money to eligible student organizations through an application and presentation process.

Program Board: SGA Program Board creates programs that are fun, exciting, and engaging for the student body. These events are planned throughout the year, and some of their largest traditions include: ButlerPalooza, Homecoming, Spring Sports, and many others. The ten boards that help to coordinate student programs include: Special Events, Concerts, Coffeehouse, Out’n About, Recreation, Films, Late Night, Dance Marathon (BUDM), Spring Sports Spectacular (SSS), and Podium Expressions.

REACH Board: REACH stands for – Respecting, Embracing, Achieving Community Harmony. Focused specifically on diversity programming and education, the REACH board creates events for students that help them to understand the importance of diversity, to learn about different topics on diversity, and to showcase that at Butler, the most important thing is to “Just BU”!

Public Relations Board: The PR Board helps to keep the students on campus connected to Butler and SGA news and events. Through our social media presence on Facebook and Twitter, our interactive website, our design staff that creates digital and print media, and our giveaways through Blue Crew, this boards engages students directly so that they are informed and involved with SGA.

Operations Board: SGA Operations Board handles the administrative work of the organization so that it is running efficiently and effectively. In managing the SGA Assembly, this board connects directly with Butler student organizations through the representatives. The weekly SGA Shuttle System is also coordinated through the Operations Board.