R.E.A.C.H. = Respecting, Embracing, Achieving Community Harmony

R.E.A.C.H. shall work with the SGA Assembly towards developing and implementing broad cultural, intellectual, and public service programs with a
diversity focus and towards addressing diversity concerns for the students of Butler University.
SGA’s REACH Board is committed to promoting diversity within race, spirituality, gender and sexual orientation in order to foster tolerance while cultivating an open-minded environment. Through programming and campaigns, REACH strives to educate Butler’s community to appreciate and respect differences in others, while being a support system for diversity organizations and a voice of justice for students.
The events planned by the REACH board celebrate diversity often through an educational perspective. Due to this nature, many events are considered to count as Butler University Cultural Requirements, a series of 8 event requirements that every student must attend prior to their graduation. This requirement helps to ensure that we as students receive a well-rounded, liberal arts educational experience.The committees that comprise this board are found below:


Race and Spirituality: provides events that foster further appreciation, education, and understanding around various ethnic, racial, cultural, and spiritual ideas. Collaborates closely with the Butler Center for Faith and Vocation to enhance spiritual discussions and speakers with topic experts. Typically, partnership also happens with the Taste of Diversity events, detailed below.


Gender and Sexuality: provides events that foster further appreciation, education, and understanding around various topics of gender roles, stereotyping, and all forms of sexual identity. One large event from this committee is the Butler Drag Show, where professional drag show performers host a show to highlight gender perceptions and stereotypes of society. Another large program through this group came with the appearance of Laverne Cox, from Orange is the New Black, on campus to advocate for the trans-gendered community.


Special Events: supports the efforts of the four listed pillars of diversity: Race, Spirituality, Gender, and Sexuality. This groups sponsors the Taste of Diversity Series, a monthly program that focuses on a unique country and their culture through the exploration of their cuisine with an educational component.


Public Relations and Advertising: The REACH Board has a small group of students who work on crafting press releases and promotional materials for the group. Tasks include managing social media and the creation of promotional materials.