Operations Board

SGA’s Operations Board works with the internal organizational structure to ensure that we are supported, efficient, and organized with all of our efforts. This group helps to coordinate the weekly SGA Student Assembly, where SGA business and student life issues are discussed and conducted. The SGA Student Shuttle Service is also run through Operations Board, where students are able to receive free transportation to the local Broad Ripple area as well as downtown Indianapolis throughout the year. Block Party is planned in conjunction with the PuLSE Office, and the more than 150 student organizations are able to publicize their information to have more members join. At the annual SGA Banquet, we recognize those that have given outstanding service and leadership to campus through their involvement.

SGA Assembly: the governing and legislative body for the student body, Operations Board coordinates this weekly session by organizing attendees, providing important campus information, and assisting with legislative matters.

Student Shuttle Service: every weekend, the SGA Student Shuttle runs from campus to the local college town of Broad Ripple as well as the Glendale Mall where students are able to grab a bite to eat or find entertainment. This shuttle also runs to downtown Indianapolis on the first weekend of every month.

Block Party: at two times throughout the year, SGA coordinates with the on-campus PuLSE Office (Programs for Leadership and Service Education) to provide students with further opportunities to become involved. At Block Party, with one at the start of each semester, students interact with the over 150 campus student organizations to find something of their interests that they can join and engage with.

SGA Banquet: held at the end of the Spring semester, the SGA Banquet recognizes individuals, organizations, and advisors for their incredible contributions to campus activities.