Vice President


Photo Cred: Eric Medrano

Photo Cred: Eric Medrano

Hanna Poitras

Vice President of Public Relations

My name is Hanna Poitras, and I am a junior strategic communications major also studying both digital media productions and marketing. As the Vice President, it is my responsibility to oversee the Public Relations Board which is made up of six subcommittees. Our social media team runs all of our SGA social media accounts including Twitter (@SGAatBU) and Facebook (SGAatBU). Design team specializes in graphic design, creating images used for posters, infographics, cover photos for social media, etc. that will be used to spread word about upcoming events on campus. Our Blue Crew’s main objective is to make sure we are keeping our students involved by planning bi-weekly giveaways to hand out on campus. The New Media team captures photography and videography of on-campus events. We have an Event Planning team that coordinates our SGA Elections in the Winter (Rock the Vote) as well as our Faculty Appreciation event (Apple for You) which is held in the spring. Lastly, our Webmasters consists of a team of two members which run this very website and make sure that it is up to date. Our goal is to make sure that our Students are aware of the programs being put on by SGA, but that we establish communication with our campus as well.

Outside of SGA, I am a member of the sorority Kappa Alpha Theta as well as a newly found club on campus, Filmmakers Anonymous. In my free time, I love creating my own graphic designs, filming and editing videos, volunteering, baking, running and watching Netflix (but who doesn’t like Netflix). My life ambition is to receive my pilot’s license upon my graduation in 2016 and travel the world producing and editing my own documentaries.  Please feel free to contact me at with any questions or concerns!

Personal Info:

  • Hometown: Wheaton, Illinois
  • High School: Rosary High School
  • Why I am at BU: Big school feel with the small school size! I love the personal interaction we are able to have professors. Plus, dare I add, the cutest mascot on the face of the Earth!
  • Career Goals: Using my creativity! I want to get my pilot’s license so that I can travel and produce my own films.
  • Major: Strategic Communications

Campus Involvement:

  • Greek Life—Kappa Alpha Theta
  • Butler Sportscast Camera Crew
  • Filmmakers Anonymous
  • Swim Instructor at the HRC


  • Trying new things—I’m a risk-taker
  • Traveling
  • Fitness
  • Films
  • Art
  • Anything that involves chocolate

Favorite BU Memory:

Attending ESPN College Game Day my freshman year was so cool! Not everyone can say that they got to do that in college.