SGA Executive Board

Photo Cred: Eric Medrano

Photo Cred: Eric Medrano

“The SGA Executive Board shall be responsible for the leadership and direction of the SGA through the implementation of general operating procedures and activities… [and] shall be empowered to endorse the constitution of any organization of students which is seeking recognition on the Butler University campus.”

Membership of the SGA Executive Board includes:

President – Chad Pingel

Vice President of Administration – Austin Del Priore

Vice President of Finance – Joe Aschacher

Vice President of Diversity Programming – Tevonne Dennis

Vice President of Programming – Kaylie Ricks

Vice President of Public Relations – Hanna Poitras

Vice President of Operations – Megan Carter

The SGA Executive Board is comprised of the elected and appointed student-body leaders on campus. The President serves as the chair of the board and each of the six Vice Presidents also have seats and voting privileges. The board additionally has a Parliamentarian which serves as an advisor to the President on parliamentary procedure and Robert’s Rules of Order, and its advisor is the Director of the PuLSE (Programs for Leadership and Service Education) Office.

The Executive Board works to develop the vision, goals, and direction for the SGA organization before the year begins to provide the maximum benefit back to the campus. Goals established by the Executive Board are then accomplished throughout the year by the six Vice Presidents and the boards they lead. Since SGA is funded through student activity fees, this Executive Board also prepares a budget proposal to be made to the SGA Assembly for final approval and confirmation. This budget proposal is created to ensure maximum benefit is given back to the student body through various services and programs.

Another important function of the Executive Board is to endorse new student organizations on Butler’s campus. During their college careers, many students join the over 150 existing student organizations; however, sometimes there are needs and interests that are unmet on campus. When student leaders are looking to create their own organization for recognition by SGA, they must meet with the Executive Board. This board decides on whether there is significant interest for the new organization, whether it does/does not infringe on any existing student organizations, and whether the need is unmet on campus currently. Please follow this link if you are interested in starting your own New Student Organization.

SGA Executive Board Guidelines