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our SGA

The Student Government Association is the governing body for student life at Butler University. As representatives, members are responsible for making sound and ethical decision to best represent their constituencies. SGA promotes campus unity and diversity, represents the voice of all students, addresses important campus issues, and encourages student involvement.”

SGA is the voice of the student body at Butler. We are comprised of over 120 student body leaders that work to serve campus and their fellow students with the overall goal of enhancing the student life experience. We also represent over 150 student organizations and their diverse interests, which range from the Arts to Athletics to Greek Life. Additionally, SGA has connections with the Butler University community, including: administration, faculty, staff, and even the Board of Trustees.

Every student at Butler will interact with SGA at some point in their time on campus. Since students pay a portion of their student activity fee into our budget, we use our funds to create and improve college experiences. Whether through interactions on social media, attendance at some of Butler’s biggest programmed traditions, or involvement with a student organization, students have the unique opportunity to become connected with their campus and its community through SGA. Check out the SGA Organizational Chart to learn more about our composition and the roles within our organization.

Are you interested in becoming a student leader, serving campus, and making a difference? – Join us!