Finance Board

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The SGA Finance Board serves to coordinate the SGA grants system. Every year, SGA sets aside money to be granted out to various student organizations for their programming, development, publicity, etc. The board members involved coordinate the grants committee, the select group that awards the available money to eligible student organizations through an application and presentation process. More information on this grants process and the application required can be found here. If you have any questions, feel free to email the account for further information.

The positions and descriptions of the Finance Board positions can be found below (Please note some positions are subject to change after discussions between the SGA President and Vice President of Finance):

Operations Chair:

This chair will be responsible for assisting the Vice President of Finance in running the Grants Committee meetings.

Co-Communications Chair:

These chairs will be responsible for managing the SGA Grants Committee email which will involve scheduling grant presentations and working with various student organizations on how to properly apply for a grant.

Accountability Chair:

This chair will be responsible for enforcing the accountability plan for all organizations that have received event grants from the grants committee.

Analytical Chair:

This chair will be responsible for keeping records of the grant applications that have been voted on. He or she will create a spreadsheet with all the organizations history of their grant applications.